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08:22 pm: Gavilan
Anyone who checks out on their own leaves behind certain persistent questions. In this case nobody seemed to have more reason to do that. Accused of a heinous crime, brains destroyed by 5 months in a horrible jail waiting for a bail hearing, plenty of psychological torture, and several family members having done the same thing in the past. In fact that family tradition may go back hundreds of years.

And the questions keep gnawing. Should i have called more? Should i have been more insistent on talking, even when it didn't seem welcome? I could see Gavilan only from a distance most of the time -- someone who looked self-sufficient, was ok with being alone, a hard worker, devout, and a student of success.

Somehow the success never materialized. Many theories were put forth, but in the end only that one person ever knew why. When the accusation came a few months ago, there was no way to fight it, and all of us had to wait unreasonably (and unconstitutionally) long for anything to come from a totally dysfunctional justice system. We were all certain that the accusation was false.

We can blame the Veteran's Administration. Stuffing a bunch of medications down a recently released prisoner virtually at random, and providing no opportunity for meaningful therapeutic discussion, definitely is not workable. If nothing else comes out of this, we have a strong call for comprehensive reform of psychiatric / pharmaceutical practices as administered by many government agencies.

Meanwhile a torn family will carry on somehow. Some of the many friends will help. But we will all miss that upright sense of morality, prayerfulness, and quiet love. Have a great flight, Gavilan!

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