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08:45 am: Abuse
It's like i signed up for a course, and the materials just pop up in my environment as needed. You could call the course "Dynamics of Abuse". So i suffered some abuse as a child -- not seriously horrible, but bad enough -- and it affected me as an adult. Big whoop. Happens to everyone. Destroyed 2 marriages and did lots of other damage too. Never enough to get me involved with the justice system, but bad enough. Somewhere along the line i made a decision to avoid justifying my abusiveness, and see if there's some way instead to completely stop doing that sort of thing. Thus, the need to read these books.

A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer
At some junior high schools, especially in marginal neighborhoods, this book is everywhere. Teachers and social workers like it because sometimes when a student reads it, a case of abuse gets smoked out.
As someone who has been accused of being abusive, i am especially sensitive to this area. I want to know more about how it happens, and how to prevent ourselves from becoming abusers.
I never did anything like what's in this book. But it could have evolved, given my background and life history. Many people are in a similar position, and can benefit from knowing this perspective.

A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer
This story of recovery from serious abuse is extremely helpful. Anyone can use the data and benefit from it. Much of the social awkwardness and self-doubt resulting from childhood abuse is accurately depicted. What's more important is how the author shares the steps that were necessary to becoming more healthy. Spirituality and forgiveness are, of course, involved. The author's honesty is deeply appreciated.

A Language Older Than Words by Derrick Jensen
Caution -- reading this book will put you through all kinds of turmoil. The sincere reader will question every part of reality, religion, goodness, and culture. Well we definitely need to question our culture. Many people agree on that. No other book has ever done such a thorough job of tracing abusiveness throughout our entire culture. What i really love about this book is the solution it ultimately presents. It's unexpected, and very workable.

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