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02:01 pm: 3-Fold Study: Synergetics, Permaculture, and Tesla
Some will inevitably ask, "what does Tesla's work have to do with Permaculture or Synergetics?"

At this time few other researchers are in fact doing anything that would lead specifically to integration of these three streams. Our whole society would benefit from such integrative work.

For too many, Tesla's work has implied the rampant development of technology with no limits. This would be a huge mistake. Tesla himself was always aware of overall ecological implications of his inventions, which was remarkable for those times. In particular he often wrote about using technology to end war. On a small scale unrestrained progress based on Tesla's work has already been observed to induce insanity and undesirable weather effects in a few cases. Therefore a solid ethical framework for further research is very much needed.

Permaculture includes a set of ethical principles which ought to be applied to all technological development. Previously the most well known coherent ethical system in this regard has been what Amish people have managed to construct. Their work has been excellent in terms of setting up highly functioning communities, but has been impossible to consistently extrapolate into a wider scope for people outside their communities. That's one of the reasons why the growth of Permaculture has been such a significant advancement -- it is inherently free of any previous ethnic or religious ties.

Synergetics is a broad mathematical discipline that allows us to find and place natural principles in a broad geometric framework. Historically all science has been backed up with mathematics in one way or another. Those of us who have explored the work of Tesla and beyond have quickly run into limitations imposed by conventional calculus, trigonometry, and geometry. Synergetics thus provides workable ways to calculate the effects of technological development according to established natural observations.

In essence what is being proposed here is a threefold study of disciplines in context with each other. It is especially hoped that younger researchers will take this new path.

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